All-States Group
takes a flexible
approach to
reviewing loan

Finance: Short and Medium Term Mortgage Finance

All-States Group provides short and medium-term mortgage finance to individuals and small and medium size businesses.

What applications will you consider?
We will consider applications from residential, commercial and business sectors for commercial purposes. All loans must be secured by a mortgage on real property to a maximum loan to valuation ratio of 75%. These valuations are obtained from independent certified valuers.

What terms are available for finance?
All-States Group specialises in short-term finance. Loan terms are for two years or less and may include bridging finance.

What interest rates do you charge and what are your establishment fees?
The interest rate and establishment fee will vary with the terms of the advance and the security offered.

What are your lending criteria?
All-States Group takes a flexible approach to reviewing loan applications rather than relying on a pre-determined lending criteria (aside from the maximum LVR of 75%). We aim to complete sound transactions that have fallen outside the scope of mainstream lenders.

How long does the application process take?
Generally, the application approval process is very quick and once approval is given and the loan and security documentation is completed, funds can be provided immediately.

Does the All States Group have an Australian Financial Services licence?
Yes, All States Corporation Ltd holds an Australian Financial Services Licence Number 241372.